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Symantec | Fernando Serpa, Global Manager Diversity and Inclusion, Symantec (Januar 2005), 01/2005

As part of our Global Diversity strategy, Symantec has created diversity councils led by a local Diversity champion at our sites throughout Europe. mi.st European Diversity Consulting has assisted us in preparing and carrying out successful work meetings with our local partners while effectively acknowledging European and national specifics. mi.st European Diversity Consulting has shown […]

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Deutsche Telekom | Stefan Conradi, RTS, 2010

As part of the implementation of a quota for women at Deutsche Telekom, European Diversity research & Consulting led through gender diversity workshops for professionals and executives in the area of ​​recruiting and talent service. The Gender & Diversity models and the interactive discussion on the topic were very effective and appropriate for the target […]

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Bayer HealthCare Pharma | Dr. Ilona Muráti-Laebe, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, 2013

Michael Stuber advises us on the implementation of various measures to promote diversity and inclusion. Based on his proven technical expertise and his broad experience he knows how to develop individual, business-related and implementation-oriented concepts and solutions. His extremely pragmatic, customer-oriented consulting supports us a lot in the anchoring of D&I in the company.

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IKEA Deutschland | Franka Johne, HR Expert Retention Management, 04/2014

Understanding the specific needs of a company and align D&I with the corporate strategy and culture are strengths of Michael Stuber. We are grateful about the pragmatic as well as inspiring collaboration and value the competent, flexible and constructive consulting services of European Diversity.

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Airbus Group | Suzanne Lewis, Head of D&I, Engagement und I&D, 06/2014

European Diversity provided us with insightful and professional support in the consolidation of our new Diversity and inclusion strategy. Their experience and proactive, holistic approach helped us to take a different look at how we do things, and build a solid business-value driven approach to reinforce our relationships with the stakeholders and position D & […]

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Jansen Supply Chain (Johnson & Johnson) | Ellen Driesen, HR Director, 03/2017

Michael Stuber is a passionate guide and role model in the space of diversity and inclusion. He supported us in tackling the challenges and opportunities that a diverse workforce offers, in our daily HR, leadership and collaborative practices. Addressing this “was and is” still key in our global but at the same time extreme multicultural […]

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