D&I as a sound investment: measurable value-add

Improved productivity, more innovation or greater market success – the advantages of consciously designed diversity management can be measured. However, this requires more than simplistic surveys.

Scientists have been interested in the effects of diversity and inclusion for 30 years. Above all, the performance and success of mixed teams have attracted the attention of researchers for a long time. Studies of different disciplines found ever-clearer insights into the factors that lead to diversity becoming an advantage in organisations. From individual productivity and team performance to agility and customer proximity – the measurable added values of pro-active diversity management have been proven a hundredfold until today.

Since 2006: Growing clarity through more than 250 studies

The desire for reliable proof of the positive effects of D&I is probably as old as the concept itself. In line with our conviction for research-based, international and innovative approaches, we launched the first comprehensive meta-study of its kind back in 2006. To this end, we looked – worldwide – for robust studies that examined the effects of diversity or inclusion. As expected, the studies covered various topics (motivation, teamwork, customer proximity) but also raised new questions: namely, which of the findings were reliable.

Identify reliable results from a large number of studies

The significance of diversity studies depends – as with any research – strongly on the chosen method. The spectrum ranges from non-valid surveys and reproducible laboratory experiments to analyses of big data with statistically verifiable results. Already for the first Business Case Report (BCR, 2006) we applied a quality check and included only those studies in the report that provided reliable results. This method resulted in a unique series of reports:

  • 2006 BCR: 62 studies
  • 2009 IBCR: 90 studies
  • 2012 IBCR XL: 135 studies
  • 2014 IBCR 3: 195 studies
  • 2016 IBCR 3.1: 205 studies
  • 2018 IBCR 4: 255 studies

Many of the studies focused on internal D&I benefits (organisational effectiveness, individual productivity and team success). The most frequent individual topics are gender or ethnicity, while the largest group of studies cover several dimensions. The studies come from over 30 countries or regions.

A success story that pays off for you

Reliable insights into achievable added values form an essential basis for your company’s D&I planning. IBCR offers an ideal compendium of robust studies proving the benefits of diversity well-managed. Each study is summarised on one page. The report is an indispensable desktop-reference and planning aid for D&I practitioners. ENGINEERING D&I.

  • 323 pages
  • 255 studies
  • Delivered by email in PDF-format

Ordering Information

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  • 780 EUR (Clients from the EuroZone) ¦ 970 CHF (all other countries)
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You can upgrade your copy of BCR, IBCR, IBCR 2012-XL, IBCR 3.0 (2014) or IBCR 3.1 (2016).