D&I as a necessary response to anticipate changes

What consists the burning platform for Diversity & Inclusion? This component of the business case describes which external drives or internal improvement opportunities exist for your company. This insight strengthens the willingness to change, which is essential for D&I.

If your company has been successful for years or decades – why would it need Diversity & Inclusion now? Robust answers will not be found in simple demographic figures that are readily available. These may add some relevant aspect but they cannot replace the specific considerations that will illustrate your concrete need for change:

  • Changes in your labour and sales markets as well as in your business environment
  • Inequities in your workforce, HR processes or engagement

Diverse markets require diverse thinking

For most companies, our critical analyses show external trends pointing in the direction of D&I:

  • increasing diversity and individuality in markets and among stakeholders,
  • more open-mindedness and the desire to value individuality
  • a growing desire for inclusion, partnership and direct communication.

Depending on how clearly your company is already aware of these trends, there is a certain need for action. Only if you take into account the diversity of all your stakeholders you can survive in competition.

“When Purpose moves the world, companies must at least consider the personal drives of their stakeholders.” Michael Stuber

With our differentiated analyses, companies recognise which diverse potentials have remained unrecognised or untapped and which benefits this can bring.

Internal opportunities as an intrinsic driver for D&I

Political guidelines and media attention focus a lot on unequal distribution based on personal demographics. However, a deeper look usually reveals other opportunities or gaps that can help your company to increase employee engagement, improve collaboration and bring out the full talent of all.

The use of flexible working, feedback from customers and employees or the identification of inconsistencies in HR or leadership processes: Our critical analyses from a D&I perspective provide relevant insights and show you where change will lead to improvements.

Transparency, credibility and sustainability are at stake

No doubt: Companies can be successful without comprehensive diversity management. However, they afford high opportunity costs resulting from the non-utilisation of existing potentials. On the other hand, the credibility of a global corporation or a consumer-oriented brand suffers if they do not actively consider the ubiquitous diversity of their stakeholders. Your company’s resilience in a global, connected and dynamic future also depends on how effectively you use diversity, cultivate openness and practice inclusion. ENGINEERING D&I.

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