European Diversity is different. And that is good for you

With a unique mixture of characteristic features, our name brand says it all. European Diversity. After 20 years we have sharpened our profile with a holistic purpose: ENGINEERING D&I. This ensures we keep innovating D&I also for your benefit.

Like no other provider, we combine internationality with intelligence and innovative critical thinking.

  • As European pioneers, we have been shaping D&I in a think tank style for 20+ years. Innovation, critical thinking and a natural focus on individual customer needs form our conceptual backbone.
  • Our D&I models and content are based on our own studies and international research. This ensures the effectiveness and success of our work, e.g. in the areas of ‘Value creation with D&I’, ‘Unconscious Biases’, ‘Gender’ or ‘D&I implementation strategies’.
  • Due to our European identity we often work on a supranational level and bring contextualised perspectives and experiences to global, national or local projects. Until 2018 we were active in 20 countries on 4 continents.

Engineering D&I ensures our customers’ success through progress and added value

  • Our specific competence mix offers our clients access to well-founded methods and models, cross-industry and cross-cultural experience and challenging thinking.
  • Engineering D&I means for us – and our customers – to achieve tangible progress and measurable value-add through a holistically detailed approach.
  • Our success is reflected in our continuous presence in the media, expert circles and above all in the outstanding, personal feedback of our clients.

A history with a future: The continuous further development of our topics – and ourselves

Just as we stand for effective changes through D&I, we have consistently questioned and further developed ourselves and our approaches.

  • Initially, we devoted ourselves to providing basic information on the topic of diversity and the possibilities associated with it – Diversity equalled a variety of topics
  • We joined forces across Europe with stakeholders, academics, politicians, the media and supported ground-breaking initiatives – Diversity offered a platform for synergies
  • Later, we contributed to the expansion of D&I, its integration into corporate communication, marketing & sales and management models – Diversity served as a framework for improvement
  • Finally, we promoted innovative approaches to implementation (e-learning, D&I in production, cultural change & leadership) – D&I became a catalyst for paradigm shifts.
  • Today we focus on fact-based D&I (challenging echo chambers, filter bubbles and populism) and on holistically detailed implementation that ensures progress and add value:


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It was a surprising opportunity for European Diversity: Just a few days after they presented a D&I vision for Europe in Budapest, the team publicly displayed the new logo for the first time in order to send a European message to Turkish president Erdogan.