Uniting all in one approach: From diverse constituencies to Inclusion

As an economic concept, diversity should not provide isolated solutions that are vulnerable and lead to weariness. Instead, comprehensive concepts are required that take into account the valuable potential of all and therefore also reach the majorities.

Even if the roots of D&I lie in anti-discrimination: Today’s environment allows for broader anchoring and stronger levers of action. Moreover, the sometimes populist criticism requires that Diversity & Inclusion focuses more than ever on majority groups. With our Propelling Performance Principle, we offer a synergetic platform for different diversity topics, which manages to reach all stakeholders.

Actionism and niche programmes fail to achieve their goals

Many D&I approaches try to gain broad support for diversity and inclusion through colourful actions, personal involvement and focused target group programmes. In a polarized environment, these initiatives reach those who are already interested, but not the critics or doubters. The widespread focus on human resources work, high-publicity issues or isolated training, as well as imitation of other companies, also often contribute to failure. A lack of resources or consistency in critical situations can worsen this situation easily and quickly.

The whole D&I circus often misses its goal, criticises Michael Stuber, Germany’s diversity pioneer: “Too many interchangeable strategies are praised as global standards…” ManagerMagazin 01/2018

Ending the routine: Creating relevance and promoting integration

It is not surprising that many companies report a standstill or even setbacks in D&I. Too little progress and little added value also helped the opponents, whose voices even form the majority in some countries. Our experience shows: The close connection to the core business of your company, a well-founded business case and a recognisable orientation towards the specific situation of your organisation lead to acceptance and support. The same applies to the broad involvement of relevant players and the pronounced operationalisation of D&I within the framework of practical processes and management instruments. Due to this holistic approach, all individuals benefit from D&I.

Diversity & Inclusion as a mainstream topic for the majority

Whether your company starts with D&I today, develops its strategies further or believes it has already achieved everything: The coherent integration of majorities forms a future perspective in all fields of action of D&I. Even further, without a profound rethinking and a fundamental advancement of the traditional approaches, further resistance and obstacles impend. With a new focus on progress and added value for everyone, there is a high-potential field of development: ENGINEERING D&I.

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