Making progress and reaping benefits requires real change

Like all change approaches, D&I strategies must evolve with your organisational maturity level and context. D&I must be relevant, aligned and impactful. A task that goes far beyond inspired action planning.

D&I strategies sometimes appear simplistic: They might cover thematic areas or generic implementation approaches. In these cases, a lack of commitment or even reservations are wide-spread. Our D&I strategy development or reviews therefore focus on linking D&I to corporate priorities and to existing management tools. Acceptance and support confirm the approach.

Strategic design: different perspectives – strong positioning – high relevance

D&I can only make a tangible contribution to your strategy if it has a clearly relevant value proposition. Our analyses show which positioning makes sense – from an evidence-based perspective. Whether initial design, revision or maturing D&I strategies: Our robust expertise and internationally proven methodologies identify where your approach can be further improved. With strategy reviews we achieve high acceptance and new commitment among your stakeholders.

Synergetic implementation: deeper insights – more effective approaches – new energy

When the momentum or enthusiasm for your D&I work diminishes, new connections must to be created. Win-win partnerships with leadership or cultural initiatives, new communication and specific offers for the business are among our successful approaches to gain buy-in for your D&I programmes.

“We have to bring back the ‘Change’ into D&I” from the Mumbai Trilogy, Michael Stuber

The mission of change: Ambitious goals – necessary changes – clear impact

A number of D&I programs have became household activities and often lost their inspiring effect along the way. Without the ambition to make processes and cultures more effective and to achieve tangible progress, D&I risks to become a window-dressing accessory. That is why we design D&I as a change topic that promises and delivers measurable progress and adds value.

Implementation: Clear – consistent – consequent

Your company has valuable resources for implementing ambitious D&I programs, too. With our approaches these can be identified and activated:


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