Corporate culture: Making D&I a daily experience for employees

It goes around like a ghost: corporate culture. It seems to be responsible for everything while no one feels responsible for it. From a D&I point of view, there are many opportunities to influence it and within this process the workforce is not only the target group, but also a key player.

D&I encompasses all employees (and stakeholders) and nowhere is this more evident than in the field of corporate culture: it arises from the common values and behaviours of all and they all influence their further development. D&I must therefore offer platforms and tools that not only allow but encourage participation. How extensively and actively is the workforce involved in your corporate cultural D&I activities?

Employees: From target group to key resource

For many years, employees were an important target group for D&I – in communication or at events. But how does the future development of your corporate culture in terms of D&I succeed? Employees become the central resource and the key to success. Our cultural change programmes involve employees in dialogues, encourage feedback and stir the exchange of good practice.

“For the success of D&I in the future, we must unlearn much of what has been successful in the past.” Michael Stuber

Formats: From separate initiatives to integrative platforms

Diversity seems to require topical or group-specific offers. Their dissemination even shapes the perception of the topic. An environment of populism, filter bubbles and fear of loss makes it necessary for your company to use D&I as an integrative approach that appeals to all employees and brings your stakeholders together. Our innovative network concepts, mentoring programs and exchange platforms ensure that D&I stands for ‘you and me’.

Cultural change: From rules and framework conditions to reflection and routines

D&I should be a natural part of the corporate culture. How do you know to what extent this often-proclaimed goal has been achieved in your company? We use various sources of information to record the perception of employees in a differentiated way. Often, deviations from principles and implementation or from intention and effect become visible.

The healthy, accepted development of your experienced corporate culture requires a value-free reflection of the situation and a comparison with the requirements of the future. This creates inspiration for new ways and means of communication and cooperation. Once again, your managers play a key role in enabling and designing new routines. ENGINEERING D&I.

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