Michael Stuber is a passionate guide and role model in the space of diversity and inclusion. He supported us in tackling the challenges and opportunities that a diverse workforce offers, in our daily HR, leadership and collaborative practices. Addressing this “was and is” still key in our global but at the same time extreme multicultural local environment. We first worked under his guidance on a bottom-up approach in which we engaged our supply chain operator population in a direct dialogue on topics as generation, culture, gender etc. Based on this population’s feedback, the need was very clear to create greater awareness around the topic with our line management population. Starting from the propelling potential principle and a framework of various biases that block our perception and thinking, we trained our total supervisory population to make them aware of own bias and to give them some tools to achieve a more objective or at least different kind of point of view when acting as “servant, inspiring leaders”. Seen the size of the group that needed to be trained, he has also been very helpful in training our HR team as facilitators. In working with Michael, I appreciated very much his effort to tailoring messages towards our needs and his huge experience in what works and does not work in this space. He puts things in perspective, not only from a business point of view but also from a societal.