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Volkswagen Bank | Barbara Rupprecht, Head of Diversity Management, 07/2005

Within Volkswagen Bank, the employee network of ‘Queerdirect’ represents an important part of Diversity. In 2003, this group conducted an interactive policy and training program that European Diversity Research & Consulting had designed and facilitated. In 2005, they initiated the first country-wide Gay and Lesbian business forum, which again European Diversity Research & Consulting professionally […]

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Deutsche Telekom | Stefan Conradi, RTS, 2010

As part of the implementation of a quota for women at Deutsche Telekom, European Diversity research & Consulting led through gender diversity workshops for professionals and executives in the area of ​​recruiting and talent service. The Gender & Diversity models and the interactive discussion on the topic were very effective and appropriate for the target […]

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Bayer Animal Health | Dr. Afssaneh Rahbar, Diversity Manager, 12/2011

European Diversity Research & Consulting provided efficient and creative support in designing our Women Initiative kick-off day with almost 200 women at Bayer Animal Health and Crop Science in Monheim. Their experience in this field and Michael Stuber’s excellent English communication skills helped to engage global participants and top managers in a lively discussion which resulted in valuable insights. They also were a big support […]

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Vodafone D2 | Yasmin Wateler, Diversity Manager, 2012

It was a pleasure working with Michael Stuber. Indeed a resourceful and inspiring session with insightful analysis. I would recommend European Diversity Research & Consulting to companies which are keen to capture and realise the value of female economy be it in the workplace, marketplace or consumer space and more importantly gender balanced leadership.

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Commerzbank | Uwe Tschäge, Dpty President of the Supervisory Board, 2013

We have known Michael Stuber as an knowledgable and engaged Diversity expert for years. Due to his experience and personality also had the pleasure to have him as a moderated of very hetereogeneous panels – with great success.

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Bayer MaterialScience | Maud Wiedemann & Dr. Christine Mendoza-Frohn, Tandem lead of the global Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, 2012-2013

We highly appreciate Michael Stuber being an integral member of our Diversity & Inclusion core team at Bayer MaterialScience. From the beginning of our cooperation, he has been listening to the status achieved so far and contributed with his broad experience and as a knowledgeable subject matter expert. He supports our initiative with high customer-orientation […]

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