D&I resources that make a difference: Engineering D&I

Are you looking for specific information, inspiring suggestions or scientific evidence? Or do you just want to stay up to date with D&I? Here you will find some material for these purposes.

Scientific evidence for the benefits of D&I: The International Business Case Report

Our unique compendium of robust empirical insights about the benefits D&I provides. 255 studies, each summarised on one single page, prove the value-add of D&I in various areas. From individual engagement and team effectiveness to market success and financial performance. Scientists have, over several decades, covered almost every question you might have. This wealth of intelligence is now available for you. More information can be found here.

EMEA D&I Newsletter: More critical, deeper and broader – simply indispensable

We regularly produce an editorial newsletter for our customers and selected contacts, which reports on trends, practical examples and studies in the field of diversity. We use various sources to provide relevant information and suggestions for practitioners and decision-makers.

If you are interested in working with us, you can receive our newsletter regularly free of charge. Please write to newsletter@diversitymine.eu

Textbooks in German Language

Text books by Michael Stuber, including ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ and ‘Anti-discrimination policy put in practice’ are available from our offices.

The unique knowledge platform for D&I: DiversityMine

If you want to delve deeper into topics related to D&I, you can do so on our 1600+ article blog, the Diversity Mine. Here we publish articles (reviewed critically) on selected events in business, society and politics: ENGINEERING D&I.

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