Global Compendium of Compelling D&I Profitability Studies.

Less than one third of the studies talking about D&I benefits actually provide robust evidence. This is the result of the latest update of the International Business Case Report. The unique compendium, IBCR, summarises – since 2007 – validated studies about the value that well-managed Diversity & Inclusion adds.

From the beginning, the IBCR research design aimed at separating empirical insight from, e.g., surveys that capture opinions or simplistic data correlation. In order to achieve this, each incoming study was checked for validity, reliability and other criteria including the absence of statistical bias. As a result, only a minority of robust studies have been included in each update of IBCR.


Truly comprehensive coverage of topics, areas and world regions

The report grew in a healthy way from 70 studies in 2007 to over 250 in the current edition. The totality of intelligence today covers

  • All major categories of internal and external business benefits: Individual productivity, team effectiveness, market success, financial performance and overall organisational effectiveness, resilience and competitiveness
  • 6+2 core dimensions of diversity: age, ethnicity/origin, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation as well as internationality and work/life-balance

Did you know that Diversity can reduce securities frauds and help in sudden crises? Or how diversity in emotional intelligence can help sourcing teams?

  • 30+ different geographies including, countries or country clusters
  • More than 30 years of research (1986 – 2018)

In addition to impressive quantity, IBCR provides quality insight into the value-creation of D&I. For researchers have, over the years, applied a variety of perspectives and methodologies (including more longitudinal studies), and tested new theories (including critical mass, information decision making and similar-attraction theories).

Robust evidence to convince your stakeholders about D&I

The International Business Case Report (IBCR) is an indispensable desktop reference tool that helps you convincing your internal stakeholders of the need for, benefits and success factors of D&I. Each of the 255 selected studies is summarised on one page including relevant facts and references, abstract and a one sentence summary finding.

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