Generali Schweiz | Jean-Pierre Schmid, CHRO, 11/2018

Michael Stuber very competently and professionally accompanied our Diversity & Inclusion strategy development. In the workshop with our executive team, he succeeded in showing us the added value of Diversity & Inclusion and how to embed it in our corporate strategy. The collaboration was very enriching, effective and constructive and we benefited enormously from his […]

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Page Group | Goran Barić, Managing Director Germany, 12/2018

Michael Stuber’s D&I Workshop for our Management Team provided a deepened understanding of the scope and relevance of D&I beyond personal perception. With impressive inspiration and an adequate piece of humour, he facilitated a constructive dialogue to shape our approach to further integrate and leverage D&I in our company so that it contributes to the […]

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Motorola EMEA | Frieder Schrade, Global Leadership & Organization Development, 08/1998

At the beginning of our European Diversity activities, we developed, in cooperation with European Diversity Research & Consulting, a Diversity statement that highlighted the specific meaning of Diversity for Motorola in Europe. Furthermore, European Diversity Research & Consulting compiled a very effective and innovative presentation as part of an information package for our line managers.

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Volkswagen AutoUni | Andrea Troxler Fueter, Module Managing Diversity, 11/2004

European Diversity Research & Consulting proves to be an exceedingly competent concept partner through the creation and execution of the blended-learning-program of ,Managing Diversity’. With their essential combination of knowledge and experience, working with them was extremely constructive, professional and enriching.

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Volkswagen Bank | Barbara Rupprecht, Head of Diversity Management, 07/2005

Within Volkswagen Bank, the employee network of ‘Queerdirect’ represents an important part of Diversity. In 2003, this group conducted an interactive policy and training program that European Diversity Research & Consulting had designed and facilitated. In 2005, they initiated the first country-wide Gay and Lesbian business forum, which again European Diversity Research & Consulting professionally […]

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Deutsche Telekom | Maud Pagel, Group Head of Diversity, 08/2004

The foundation for the implementation of Diversity at Deutsche Telekom group is our group Diversity strategy and its key element, the group Diversity policy. European Diversity Consulting has been supporting us in a very professional way, always focusing on our specific business context when developing various building blocks of our strategy.

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