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Sandoz Group Germany | Hermann Hofmann, Head Public Affairs & Communications, 2011

European Diversity Research & Consulting significantly helped to further develop our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy. Particularly valuable was the combination of experience and knowledge of different options and constellations. Cooperating with European Diversity Research & Consulting in the strategy development was just as inspiring as motivating. It has helped to increase the top managements’ commitment […]

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Merck Group | Jennifer O’Lear, Chief Diversity Officer, 01/2012

European Diversity provided us with extremely valuable input and expertise as we are consolidating our various D&I programmes into a new global diversity strategy. Their years of experience with other leading companies as well as their international perspective and thorough understanding of relevant models allowed us to develop a solid business-driven approach and build robust […]

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Bayer MaterialScience | Dr. Tony van Osselaer, Executive Committee Member, 2013

Michael Stuber has contributed to develop a very specific Bayer MaterialScience storyline, which integrates Diversity & Inclusion as a business imperative supporting the execution of our business strategy. Through his experience in rolling out Diversity & Inclusion programs in global companies, he has been and is a valuable sparring partner with high credibility for our […]

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Airbus Group | Suzanne Lewis, Head of D&I, Engagement und I&D, 06/2014

European Diversity provided us with insightful and professional support in the consolidation of our new Diversity and inclusion strategy. Their experience and proactive, holistic approach helped us to take a different look at how we do things, and build a solid business-value driven approach to reinforce our relationships with the stakeholders and position D & […]

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