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Evonik | Dr. Katrin Schmallenbach, VP HR, 10/2019

European Diversity supported Evonik in three strategic gender projects. Michael Stuber’s expertise, his experienced and critical perspective on the specifics of our company and his in-depth understanding of the relevant issues had a major impact on our work. This applied both to cultural, process and strategic analyses as well as the resulting approaches and recommendations. […]

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Swisscom | Elena Folini, Head of HR P&M and Diversity, 08/2019

After a few years of internal work and insight, Michael Stuber’s external professional perspective, profound expertise and long-standing experience have significantly helped us to analyse our Diversity & Inclusion situation holistically and with all dependencies and to redesign our approach focused on vision, strategy, processes and culture in a change-oriented way. With targeted interventions at […]

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SBB | Judith Renevey, Head of D&I, 02/2019

In the summer of 2018, SBB successfully introduced “D&I for management teams”, a new format reflecting a holistic D&I approach. The co-conception with UngleichBesser has proven very successful. Using a train-the-trainer approach with detailed qualification of the facilitators, the offer consists of a learning process, tying D&I to business priorities in each field and focusing […]

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Generali Schweiz | Jean-Pierre Schmid, CHRO, 11/2018

Michael Stuber very competently and professionally accompanied our Diversity & Inclusion strategy development. In the workshop with our executive team, he succeeded in showing us the added value of Diversity & Inclusion and how to embed it in our corporate strategy. The collaboration was very enriching, effective and constructive and we benefited enormously from his […]

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Page Group | Goran Barić, Managing Director Germany, 12/2018

Michael Stuber’s D&I Workshop for our Management Team provided a deepened understanding of the scope and relevance of D&I beyond personal perception. With impressive inspiration and an adequate piece of humour, he facilitated a constructive dialogue to shape our approach to further integrate and leverage D&I in our company so that it contributes to the […]

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