Making progress and reaping benefits requires real change

Like all change approaches, D&I strategies must evolve with your organizational maturity level and environmental changes. They must show clear relevance, be connectable and develop traction. A task that goes far beyond solid action planning.

D&I strategies sometimes appear simplistic: They can describe thematic fields of action or cover generic implementation areas. In these cases, the parties often complain of a lack of commitment or reservations. Our approaches to D&I strategy-development or -reviews therefore focus on close links to corporate priorities and concrete links to existing concepts. Acceptance and support confirm the approach.

Strategic conception: different perspectives – strong positioning – high relevance

D&I can only make a tangible contribution to your strategy if it has a recognisably relevant concept. Our analyses show which concrete connections make sense from a neutral external perspective. Whether initial conception, revision or optimisation of matured D&I strategies: Our well-founded expertise and internationally proven methodologies identify concrete areas for improvement. With strategy reviews we achieve high acceptance and new commitment among your stakeholders.

Synergetic implementation: deeper insights – more effective approaches – new energy

When the momentum or enthusiasm for your D&I work diminishes, new connections usually have to be created. Synergetic partnerships with leadership or cultural initiatives, new communication approaches and specific offers for the business are among our successful approaches to gain clear support for your D&I concepts.

“We have to bring back the ‘Change’ into D&I” from the Mumbai Trilogy, Michael Stuber

The mission of change: Ambitious goals – necessary changes – clear impact

Several D&I programs became fixed routines and thereby lost parts of their inspiring effect. Without the ambition to make processes and cultures more effective and to achieve real improvements, D&I impends to become an optional accessory in your company. That is why we design D&I as a change topic that promises and delivers measurable progress and added value.

Implementation: Clear – consistent – consequent

Your company has valuable resources for implementing ambitious D&I programs, too. With our approaches they can be identified and activated:


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