A D&I World on its own: Management and Leadership Culture

Managers are in the focus of each and every change approach. What is different in D&I: The topic has complex links to strategic management, operational leadership and personal role modeling.

The responsibility of managers not only includes the achievement of business and people goals. Your management task involves considerable complexity. The discussion of D&I must take this into account and should not be guided by territorial thinking. How well does your company succeed in demonstrating the relevance of D&I, offering operationalization and providing real support for personal implementation?

Management framing

Relevant topics – clear statements – ambitious agenda

Is D&I on the radar of your management? Does this attention go beyond simple KPIs? One of our tasks as D&I experts is to provide sense-making for D&I that positions the topic in a relevant way and enables management to convey a meaningful reasoning and clear expectations. Our broad expertise provides special added value for individual work with senior executives.

Operational management teams

specific priorities – own approaches – pragmatic proceedings

The business divisions, central functions or national companies in your organisation pursue their own and therefore different priorities in order to make their respective contributions. Our work aims to link D&I with these specific focal points and thus create sustainable approaches. The operational character of our decentralised implementation of D&I leads to credible commitment and effective changes in day-to-day operations.

“Inclusive Leadership begins with a visionary perspective of the business and goes on to a modern view of people and uncompromising ethical behaviour.” Michael Stuber

Inclusive Leadership

Personal responsibility – strong role model function – best leadership quality

How clear is D&I in the behaviour of your managers? Especially in situations where it is important to show open-mindedness, meritocracy and empathy? Our operationalised model for Inclusive Leadership starts with leadership tasks and supports managers to make the most of all talent – as an integrated and thus natural, authentic part of everyday leadership behaviour.

Unconscious Bias

If you say corporate culture and (should) mean management culture

Everyone is talking about corporate culture as a key topic for D&I. But most of our analyses show that the leadership culture of an organisation should be the actual field of action. This is because there are unwritten laws and implicit norms that leave valuable potential untapped. We address these important levers with executives within the framework of our Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership tools. ENGINEERING D&I.

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