Michael Stuber: Started as the European Diversity Pioneer, and became today’s Global D&I Engineer

Inspiration through critical thinking – this summarises the sometimes unconventional approach of ‘Germany’s diversity pioneer’ (ManagerMagazin 2018).

Michael Stuber works consistently evidence-based, with an international understanding and “brushes D&I against the grain,” says a D&I manager. He uniquely stands for D&I as a person:

  • as a passionate European, he acts beyond national thinking,
  • as an industrial engineer he works on D&I both holistically and in detail
  • as an innovator, he constantly challenges assumptions, the status quo and obvious solutions

The Consultant

With his research-based knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking and in his international context, Michael Stuber advises leading companies in shaping their business strategies and organisational identities by leveraging D&I. For this purpose, he develops comprehensive change strategies and concepts to embed D&I in the core elements of the organisation.

Clear board discussions or committed dialogues with production staff, appropriate texts or inspiring inputs, analytical concepts or organic processes. Michael Stuber embodies and masters Diversity & Inclusion in a holistic and detailed way. ENGINEERING D&I.

You can find out more about him by reading his Consulting Profile

The Speaker & Moderator

Michael Stuber conveys his expertise with vigour and engagement. His ability to illustrate complex changes and their implications makes him an inspiring and welcomed expert. Whether it is a key-note, a panel discussion or entertaining a large group, Michael Stuber always delivers mission-conscious and articulate input.

From his evidence-based perspective, Michael Stuber questions traditional approaches and rigorously points out barriers to sustainable progress. He is hence a sought-after moderator for events that aim at critically discussing common approaches to take a topic to the next level.

Over the years, he has delivered input at more than 150 events on 4 continents: a selection

The Researcher & Publicist

As a thought-leader in Diversity & Inclusion, Michael Stuber identified and rigorously examined current issues in his field – at all times over the course of his 20+ years of work. His research reports and publications rank among the most comprehensive and pronounced of their kind. He has also developed several research-based models in the D&I field, including

  • The value-chain model for D&I: The Propelling Performance Principle
  • A model of all Unconscious Biases directly relevant for D&I
  • A model to describe masculine and feminine traits to address gender biases
  • The strategic D&I implementation model to create traction and progress

With dozens of publications (including 5 books and 8 book chapters), 22 research projects (8 major and 15 smaller-scale studies) and over 150 features in the media he is one of the thought-leaders for D&I in Europe, often covering a global scope.


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