D&I is good for you and your team

Each individual brings valuable specifics to the workplace and to the team. That goes for you, too. Therefore, you are both target and stakeholder of D&I, and you benefit twice.

Recognise your individual strengths, promote your personal potential and accommodate your special needs. This is what our understanding of D&I implies.

D&I is for everyone, and especially for you

Many people feel highly individual and think at the same time that most others share many of their ideas. For long time, however, diversity efforts focused on group- and difference-based issues in a siloed way.

Over time, diversity has developed from equality (at work, as customers, as citizens) to a paradigm that aims for equally fair treatment for all.

“When taken beyond equality and quota, Diversity will also promote majority talent – and minorities won’t have to justify themselves anymore.” Michael Stuber

D&I implies objective meritocracy

As an employee, only your performance and potential determine your remuneration and professional development; not your age, gender, marital status or cultural background. Nevertheless, no colour blindness should be created, for you should not leave your personality at the entrance, like a jacket. In this way, your personal situation is taken into account by diversity wherever possible.

D&I allows you to actively shape your workplace

Diversity only leads to success when all stakeholders value the individuality of everyone else. Diversity offers an environment in which differences are actively used as a success factor. Diversity develops an open-minded working environment in which you can unfold your full productivity.

In addition to respectful collaboration, flexible working and careers, work life navigation and a positive approach of change characterise a D&I culture.

As a customer you also benefit from D&I

As a customer you will be considered in a differentiated way. You will not be courted as a standard consumer and fobbed off with standard products. Your special needs count and you will be advised and looked after as an individual. Your personal wishes are taken into account through diversity, and you do not have to worry about how to squeeze your very own personality into the standardised product range of a provider.

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