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Diversity describes the future of society – and the society of the future

Political systems need to be successful in this society and in the future.

  • Diverse Society
  • Open Civil System
  • International Recognition

Diversity aims to achieve:

an open, integrated society in which differences are recognised and diversity is valued and all people approach individuality positively.

These and the following models can be applied to continents, regions, communities, cities, neighbourhoods, households and families.

Diversity aims to develop:

an open civil system

  • which highly values individuality and fosters diversity and
  • in which people who are different from each other interact in a constructive and positive manner

Diversity aims to use:

  • the acknowledgement of differences and a positive approach towards the uniqueness of individuals
  • in order to improve the image and attractiveness of a country, region or society
  • thereby achieving greater prosperity for all.