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Diversity requires the acceptance of complexity

We all, understandably, tend to reduce complex issues to our own personal perspective. By narrowing our view, we run the risk of watering down the essentials of our Diversity approach, thereby reducing its effectiveness. Diversity is not divisible.

Quick fixes and Isolated Solutions hurt Diversity.

Guarantee a strategic approach by linking Diversity to your core business and a solid business case. Careful analyses, bias-free objectives as well as comprehensive strategies provide the foundation for concrete measures. The conscious involvement of the right people and the buy-in from internal and external supporters ensures broad acceptance and effective action.

Common mistakes often lead to the failure of Diversity:

  • Sole focus on HR
  • Focus on single issues such as gender, culture or nationality
  • Strong reliance on training
  • Purely national approach
  • Exclusive orientation on US approach
  • Soft language and politically correct expressions
  • ...

Factors to Success

  • Credible involvement of top-level management
  • Inclusion of all business areas
  • Multi-dimensional strategies
  • Integration of work councils
  • Close cooperation between HR and Corporate Communication
  • Professional project management with a system for measuring success
  • ...

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