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Deutsche Bank | Elisabeth Kurkowski, Global Diversity Team, 09/2004

European Diversity Research & Consulting was a very competent service provider for our conference ‘Invisible potential’, where the consultancy was in charge of the facilitation, the co-ordination with external partners and the press contacts.

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Symantec | Fernando Serpa, Global Manager Diversity and Inclusion, Symantec (Januar 2005), 01/2005

As part of our Global Diversity strategy, Symantec has created diversity councils led by a local Diversity champion at our sites throughout Europe. mi.st European Diversity Consulting has assisted us in preparing and carrying out successful work meetings with our local partners while effectively acknowledging European and national specifics. mi.st European Diversity Consulting has shown […]

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KIBIS | Edith Peter, Managing Director, 2012

Mr Stuber was our guest speaker at a the KIBIS networking meeting of Austrian HR leads. His contribution on “The Propelling Potential Principle” and as a facilitator of a panel discussion added a lot of value as he focused on the tangible benefits of Diversity for companies as well as presenting a consistent framework. Thanks […]

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Infineon Austria | Dr. Monika Kircher, CEO, 03/2014

With their competence and experience, European Diversity has significantly contributed to the successful development of Infineon’s Gender Diversity Network. In three workshops with the entire network and through intense collaboration with HR, we succeeded in clarifying roles, design strategies and define actions. Michael Stuber’s external perspective and his ability to capture and address company specifics […]

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Arup Ireland | D&I Team, 10/2017

Michael Stuber worked with us at Arup Ireland to review our current D&I programme. We found Michael to be insightful, organised and very knowledgeable. Michael’s great strength lies in his face-to-face communication skills and his ability to communicate complex D&I topics to any audience. Michael is able to quickly pick up on themes and underlying […]

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Jansen Supply Chain (Johnson & Johnson) | Ellen Driesen, HR Director, 03/2017

Michael Stuber is a passionate guide and role model in the space of diversity and inclusion. He supported us in tackling the challenges and opportunities that a diverse workforce offers, in our daily HR, leadership and collaborative practices. Addressing this “was and is” still key in our global but at the same time extreme multicultural […]

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