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Microsoft Diversity - More than just a Catchword

In October 2002, Microsoft launched a cross-group work team dedicated to diversity. Several months prior to that date, Human Resources had taken up comprehensive investigational and analytical efforts which served as the basis for the definition of corporate approaches that were divided into the following diversity categories: Reflecting Society, Cultural Attributes, Teaming, Working Together and Work Life Balance. All activities were governed by the following principle:

Enrichment of our common work environment by enjoying and fostering different individual values and styles through appreciation of various work processes and reflecting the social environment.

Microsoft takes this mission very seriously and has firmly embedded its diversity activities in its business plan. The company is committed to enhance its corporate culture and the relationship with each other in the long run and in a sustainable way. In fact, its objective is the recognition and respect of individualities.

Read more about the individual issues and steps taken by the respective task forces on the next pages.

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